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I am so happy that you have decided to learn more about my company! My name is Jennifer, and I am the owner of HomeMaid Pro Services LLC. What really attracted me to starting the cleaning business began with loving a clean environment. I never took notice to how much having a clean environment effected the mind until I was spending less time cleaning, more time working, having fun outside of the home, and letting the children live like wild animals. Then I would get the occasional fire inside to clean for hours upon hours until the house was spotless! And boy oh boy did it feel good! Over time I realized how much smoother things ran just by taking a little extra time each day to do these simple tasks that had a huge impact on organization and the over all mood I had while I was at home. I also realized that when I was not home, I was so excited to get home!

I am officially what you could call a clean freak. While it does drive my family crazy when I'm cleaning the house like a mad woman, I know they wouldn't have it any other way. I love how I feel after a long day, being able to come home and relax. I truly want to share this feeling with others as well, and help them realize how very imperative it really is.

I am proud to announce that I also provide homeMAID cleaning products. This has become such a beneficial step to take as so many families are going green, and taking steps towards becoming more eco friendly when it comes to at home cleaners, grocery bags, soaps, detergents and so on. The green alternative is a fantastic option for those of you with allergies to bleach and other chemicals. Your satisfaction is so important to my team and I, so if you would like us to use our homeMAID products, please let us know. 



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